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My name is Nikola Lukic. In my free time I develop audio scripts, tips and tutorials. I am a technical sound designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. I've been working in game development for over five years. This is a list of things I've accomplished in that time.

    - designed a complete audio production and implementation pipeline for the audio team
    - provided feedback to junior and standard sound designers
    - trained new sound designers
    - wrote documentation and created video tutorials about internal procedures and tools


    - designed a complete dialogue system for UE projects
    - developed a tool for managing VO files
    - developed a tool for connecting REAPER and Wwise
    - developed a tool for batch exporting of audio files
    - developed a tool for embedding REAPER project metadata into ogg files
    - developed a tool for easy creation of daily worklogs


        - designed sound effects for characters, ambiences and environment
        - implemented sound effects and interactive music using Wwise and UE
        - recorded foley and VO files for characters
        - designed and performed character voices
        - composed additional music
        - composed music for the announcement trailer
        - created music playback and implementation system
        - designed custom hit/death detection system
        - designed loading system for audio banks
        - developed a tool for automatic naming of VO files based on speech recognition
        - created audiomatic VO implementation system

HOPA Projects
        - designed sound effects for interactions, puzzles, environments and cutscenes
        - implemented sound effects and music into proprietary game engine
        - developed ingame sound mixer
        - created a system for automatic implementation of audio
        - developed music debugging system

    - developed and designed gameplay for HOPA games
    - designed puzzles, interactions and bossfights
    - created and implemented placeholder graphics and animations
    - wrote dialogues and descriptions

    - trained junior gameplay programmers
    - gave feedback and reviews to junior programmers


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