LKC Render Blocks
New Features

Content Navigator, AutoNaming, Channel Metatags

Content Nav.png

Content Navigator

The fastest way to get around

  • Jump to relevant content quickly

  • See overview of your project structure

  • Open/close folders easily

  • Best for large and diagonal projects

Example of Content Navigator usage in a small project


Advanced, flexible & dynamic

  • Use project hierarchy to name rBlocks

  • Use tracks, regions & metatags

  • Change naming formulas


Example of AutoNaming using Tracks-Regions-Metatags formula

Channel metatags.png

Channel Metatags

Predefine channel no. per file

  • Use metatags to define channel config

  • Render all at once

  • Suppports: mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1

mono metatags.png

Example of Channel Metatags usage (rendered files reimported in project)

All these features come for free with premium version of
LKC Render Blocks