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Pack, AutoName, Render

Game Audio & Sound Design Workflow Of Tomorrow

LKC Render Blocks is my custom workflow for optimized asset creation inside REAPER. It is specifically designed with game audio and sfx library authoring in mind. I designed it primarily for my team and myself because we needed something effective, but couldn't find anything similar at the time.

I'm very happy to announce the version 1.3 of Render Blocks. It's something that has been cooking for a while and now you should be able to speed up your process even more. These are new features:

  • Channel Metatags

  • AutoNaming

  • Content Navigator

  • Reimport

I had a pleasure to talk with Jon Tidey from REAPER Blog about all these things.

You can check the video here:

Here's a quick overview of new features:

Channel Metatags

Allows you to define channel configuration per block. Supported metatags are:

  • !mono

  • !stereo

  • !quad

  • !5.1

  • !7.1

This feature allows you to render mono, stereo and multichannel files simultaneously, which is not possible otherwise.


This is a feature with a lot of flexibility. The main idea is to use the already existing track & region hierarchy to name the blocks.

Content Navigator

A completely new, fresh and intuitive way of navigating through your REAPER sessions. Allows you to practically create separate timelines and to jump between them with one click, all inside one REAPER project.


Optional post-render feature that creates a temp project with all the rendered files to listen to them quickly.

Alphabetical reimport mode

BWF Offset reimport mode - recreates original timing relatioship between sounds


Render Blocks will completely change the way you approach asset creation inside REAPER. It's a new way of thinking about project organization and navigation, and with these new features, you will be even more productive and creative. However, you still need to change your current way of working, which is always a painful process.

I suggest you should at least think about the things that you do everyday and are very repetitive and time-consuming. Could those things be avoided? If yes, I just have three words to add:

Pack, AutoName, Render!


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